Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

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Wow… Watched this for the first time last night on Netflix

So much heart

And the Animation was Mind Blowing

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Black Mirror Episode 1 (Season 5) – Striking Viper… In Review

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I don’t watch a lot of ‘Black Mirror’ on Netflix, mainly because I’ve never really drawn to dark Alfred Hitchcock (In this case futuristic based) kind of stories.

I did, however, watch a lot of the Twilight Zone when I grew up.

Anyway, my girlfriend wanted me to watch Episode 1 of Season 5, so I did.

All I can say is, if you like, or have ever liked Video Games, especially Roleplaying (I used to play a lot of World of Warcraft) &/or especially if you’re interested in Virtual Reality Video Games (I’m not, but I’m assuming many are), you’re going to love this Episode.

Living in this technology based world, this Episode also has a lot of issues in regards to romantic relationships in this Era.

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My hat also goes off to the Acting in this Episode, especially Anthony Mackie whome I’ve always liked.

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Fare Ye Well Game Of Thrones

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Last Night Was A Rough Episode Of Game Of Thrones SPOILER ALERT – Mainly Because I Feel The Writers Basically Destroyed Daenerys Character… She Was Upset, Yes… Mad? I Don’t Think So… And Even Mad Wouldn’t Have Worked For Me… After The Bells Rang She Should Have Gone Right After The Queen, Not The People… Anyway, That Said, I Know People Are Upset, But All And All It’s Been A Great Series, And I Thank You HBO And All Involved… All And All It’s Truly Been A Gift Gift.

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Harrison Ford Bids Farewell To ‘Star Wars’ Co-Star Mayhew

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10:43 PM EDT

Hollywood actor Harrison Ford gave a heartfelt statement on his Star Wars co-star Peter Mayhew’s death on Thursday.

Peter Mayhew was a kind and gentle man, possessed of great dignity and noble character,” Ford said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

The 7-foot-3 actor played Chewbacca, the loyal sidekick to Han Solo, who was played by Ford. The famous Wookiee, who starred in five Star Wars films, including the original trilogy, died at his Texas home on Tuesday at the age of 74.

Ford said the duo’s unique bond extended beyond the silver screen.

“We were partners in film and friends in life for over 30 years and I loved him. He invested his soul in the character and brought great pleasure to the Star Wars audience,” Ford said about his co-star, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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The Office

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A Few Months Ago, I Started Watching ‘The Office’ On NETFLIX… I Had Never Watched The Show, Other Than A Few Scenes Over The Years

Here’s My INSTAGRAM Review;

  • legendsproductionsI  Never Watched #TheOffice When It Was On Tv – I Knew The Basic Premise. And Caught A Few Scenes – I Could Tell #SteveCarell Was Hilarious – But A Few Months Ago We Started Watching All The Seasons On #Netflix – I Have To Say I Was Blown Away By The Hilarity And Heart Of The #WritingAnd #Characters – I Also Figured When Steve Left The Show It Must Have Finished The Show – But I Was Wrong – But The Coolest Thing I Noticed About The Show Was How Much More You Enjoyed Later Episodes Because Of Being Familiar With The Earlier Episodes – There Was Basically A Compounding Effect – Beyond That, The Office Wasn’t Actually…

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The Reason I Became A Filmmaker

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I watched the New ‘Blade Runner 2049’ a couple nights ago

It was Amazing

My Favorite Films are The Original ‘Star Wars‘, and ‘The Empire Strikes Back

In fact, they’re the reasons I became a Filmmaker

The third reason, was The Original ‘Blade Runner

More than anything, I’m a Storyteller… But Film Making is my main Passion

When I was watching the New Blade Runner I was reminded why

Brilliant Visuals, Great Story, Awesome Characters, Strong Acting, and Awesome Music

It affected me, and inspired me

Thanks for Listening/Reading


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