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A Few Months Ago, I Started Watching ‘The Office’ On NETFLIX… I Had Never Watched The Show, Other Than A Few Scenes Over The Years

Here’s My INSTAGRAM Review;

  • legendsproductionsI  Never Watched #TheOffice When It Was On Tv – I Knew The Basic Premise. And Caught A Few Scenes – I Could Tell #SteveCarell Was Hilarious – But A Few Months Ago We Started Watching All The Seasons On #Netflix – I Have To Say I Was Blown Away By The Hilarity And Heart Of The #WritingAnd #Characters – I Also Figured When Steve Left The Show It Must Have Finished The Show – But I Was Wrong – But The Coolest Thing I Noticed About The Show Was How Much More You Enjoyed Later Episodes Because Of Being Familiar With The Earlier Episodes – There Was Basically A Compounding Effect – Beyond That, The Office Wasn’t Actually…

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The Reason I Became A Filmmaker

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I watched the New ‘Blade Runner 2049’ a couple nights ago

It was Amazing

My Favorite Films are The Original ‘Star Wars‘, and ‘The Empire Strikes Back

In fact, they’re the reasons I became a Filmmaker

The third reason, was The Original ‘Blade Runner

More than anything, I’m a Storyteller… But Film Making is my main Passion

When I was watching the New Blade Runner I was reminded why

Brilliant Visuals, Great Story, Awesome Characters, Strong Acting, and Awesome Music

It affected me, and inspired me

Thanks for Listening/Reading


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Before I Pursued Film & Film Making, I Loved Theatre Acing, Especially Shakespeare

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In The Video Below, I Talk About My Appreciation, And Experience Doing/Acting In Shakespeare’s Plays In My Teens & Twenties

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Who Is James Mahoney?

From Age 8 To Age 48, My Creative Journey/Path